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Reduce idling and increase driver comfort with Thermo King’s TriPac APU for trucks is a great decision, available in diesel or electric models.
Adding an APU Air Tower to the TriPac® air conditioning system will result in improved temperature management and increased driver comfort. APU for trucks is the start to a comfortable savings experience.

TriPac EnvidiaTriPac Evolution


auxiliary power units
  • Significant fuel savings as idling is eliminated
  • Heating, cooling , and power for extra appliances, feels like home
  • Reduced Maintenance! 2000-hour maintenance interval
  • Unmatched Service & Support, backed by Thermo King dealer network 

Tripac Evolution APU for Trucks

Thermo King’s new-era APU presents truly limitless sleeper cab heating and air conditioning whilst decreasing tractor idling and reducing upkeep costs. In addition to saving massive gas consumption, the TriPac Evolution APU is a go-to driver recruitment and retention piece of equipment, presenting drivers with max comfort while out on the road. See why the TriPac Evolution is the primary APU for trucks in the industry and the primary choice of drivers everywhere!

TriPac Envidia® All-Electric APU

Tripac Envidia APU for Trucks

We’re proud to introduce a clean, dependable all-electric powered APU for trucks that now no longer only saves gas but offers unrivaled driver comfort formerly unavailable in an electric powered unit. TriPac Envidia, has taken the trucking world by surprise. Thermo King already builds the high-quality and most popular diesel APU for trucks in the industry. The TriPac Envidia brings you the longest all-electric powered runtime in the industry together with superior battery life. See why TriPac Envidia is the right unit for you! Based on testing side by side with our main competitive all-electric powered APU for trucks system.

thermo king apu
  • Longest electric runtime in the industry without tractor startup*
  • Effective heating and cooling for maximum comfort
  • The power to run the devices that make the sleeper cab feel more like home
  • Quiet operation for uninterrupted rest
apu for trucks


Auxiliary Power Units (APUs)

APU for trucks offers many benefits that make this piece of equipment justifiable. Some of these benefits are increased driver recruitment and retention, maximum driver comfort, incredible fuel savings, idle reduction, lower maintenance costs, and higher tractor residual values! Add value and comfortability to your vehicle while saving money!

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