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Thermo King APU: Experience Benefits Beyond Fuel Savings

By October 16, 2020March 23rd, 2022No Comments
thermo king apu

When the APU (auxiliary power unit) originally hit the market, it was promoted to cut truck idling emissions as anti-idling laws gained momentum around the country.  However, the technology of the APU today has become so advanced, fleet owners around the country have embraced it as a tool to save on fuel and preserve wear and tear on the tractor engine.  All this while enjoying modern comforts in your sleeper cabin and complying with state idling laws. Thermo King APU has been a popular choice among many fleet owners. 

Which Auxiliary Power Unit to choose

With so many APUs available, it can be tough finding the right one for you.  Thermo King APUs are two of the most popular and top-selling APU’s in the market among truck drivers and fleet managers. The TriPac Evolution diesel APU is Thermo King’s next-generation APU that provides virtually unlimited sleeper cab heating and air conditioning while reducing tractor idling and lowering maintenance costs.  The TriPac Evolution has an industry-leading 2000-hour maintenance interval, which saves you time and money. Furthermore, because it reduces tractor engine idling, the Thermo King APUs also lower run time and reduce maintenance on your truck’s engine, saving you even more and adding to the resale value of the tractor.

If going green is how you want to go, Thermo King has also introduced an all-electric version, the TriPac Envidia.  The all-electric APU with the longest run time in the industry for superior driver comfort.  The TriPac Envidia has become the envy of the trucking world, not only is it reliable but it has superior battery life with a patented battery charging technology.  With no diesel engine, the TriPac Envidia runs clean, emission-free and is significantly quieter than engine-based APUs.  Thermo King designed the TriPac Envidia to meet anti-idle and anti-emissions regulations nationwide, including CARB requirements.

Employee Retention

When you own a fleet of trucks and you hire a class A driver to join your team of truck drivers providing them with a comfortable environment like an APU truck leads to higher driver retention.  You want to make your drivers’ lives more enjoyable on the road.  Providing them with “hotel-power” comforts when off-duty, can make a world of difference in increasing their job satisfaction.  Mainly you want to think about the overall health of your drivers.  An APU Truck offers drivers the ability to maintain their ideal sleeping temperature for quality sleep which is important for safe driving and their overall wellbeing.

Where to Buy

If you’re considering installing a Thermo King APU on your truck or fleet, we highly recommend doing so as it is the most reliable in the industry.  Contact your local authorized Thermo King Dealer, such as Sonsray Fleet Services, with 9 locations in California and Nevada.  They offer Thermo King APU sales, installs, parts and service and can answer any of your APU questions.

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