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Industries We Serve

Food & Beverage Distribution

Whether you are a specialty distributor or a direct store delivery distributor, we know you must invest in quality equipment to store and maintain the freshness of the food and produce you are carrying. For we know the items you carry are only available seasonally or in limited quantities where they are not shelf-stable, and their shelf life can be measured in weeks.


Temperature sensitive cosmetic products need a cold climate solution aimed at delivering your bulk cosmetic products in an effective and fashionable manner. Cosmetics include a wide range of beauty products including lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, blush, soap, shampoo, skin-care creams, nail polish, powder, perfume, cologne, and any other cosmetic products not listed.


When it comes to moving pharmaceuticals, time is of the essence. Temperature control is also important, too. The U.S. requires temperature controlled shipping. A slight change in temperature, even of just 2 degrees, can ruin pharma products. This is why temperature regulated shipping is important. Our Thermo King reefers can maintain these temperatures, even when the weather outside is scorching hot.


There are many specifics required for cannabis distribution and many statewide regulations. Whether you're a grower or a distributor we offer climate-control solutions for harvested marijuana, industrial hemp, cannabis concentrated oils, and THC & CBD infused products. We help you make sure that you have the right reefer and insulated vehicle according to the Department of Agriculture standards.


When it comes to our children, we want the best for them, and Thermo King manufactures several air conditioning unit options to ensure their little bodies stay as comfortable and dry during their ride. Thermo King strives to provide quality products. For instance, the ShuttleAire systems’ frames are made from aluminum to protect against corrosion, whereas many companies use galvanized steel. To enhance wire durability, the company uses tinned wires with a special, high-temperature-tolerant sheathing in all of its products to prevent sparks and sudden fires. Then the wires are also individually marked to facilitate ease of maintenance.

Public Transit

A reliable climate control system is essential for commuters. Buses and trains are enclosed spaces, so the Thermo King HVAC system is used to ensure proper air circulation for everyone on board. Even when it’s chilly out, it can quickly get stuffy and warm inside a bus or train, especially when crowded and many heat-generating bodies breathing at the same time. Secondly, it keeps the surroundings dry. Warm, humid interiors tend to promote bacteria growth and help generate stronger odors. Having a reliable Thermo King unit prevents moisture build up on board and combats the various germs and smells that are part and parcel of highly trafficked spaces.

Caterers & Bakeries

There are many types of refrigerated & heating vehicle solutions available to the small business owner, ideal for caterers and bakeries. We understand the amount of love and effort you put into your food & and we want to help you find the best solution to ensure it is preserved and assure kitchen fresh quality when delivered.