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What is Sonsray “All Things Trailer” Service?

As a Thermo King certified dealership with Thermo King certified and trained experts, we offer comprehensive trailer services from the ground up. From trailer repair to lift gate repair, our industry expertise ensures we can maintain and service any trailer on the road today, including dry trailers and reefer trailers from all manufacturers.

We Stand By Our Work!

As a Thermo King certified dealership, our experts are Thermo King certified and trained. Our factory-trained, master-certified technicians are committed to “Service done right the first time” – every time. Our support team prioritizes customer communication throughout all service work. With our lifetime support, we stand by our work!

Ensure Safety:

Prevent accidents and breakdowns by ensuring your vehicles are in top condition. 

Stay Compliant:

Avoid costly fines and penalties by meeting all state and federal regulations.

Save Money:

Take advantage of our limited time offer and save on inspection costs.

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We can also help maintain your fleet by providing required FHWA & BIT inspections, either at our full-service shop or at your location by request.

FHWA Inspection

We'll perform a full comprehensive inspection to ensure your truck meets FHWA federal regulations.

INCLUDES: Brake System, Coupling Devices, Exhaust System, Fuel System, Lighting Devices, Safe Loading, Steering Mechanism, Suspension Frame, Tires, Wheels, Rims, Wipers, and more!

BIT Inspection

Our thorough examination of your trailer ensures compliance with California's BIT standards.

INCLUDES: Tire & Wheels, Under Vehicle, Frame, Body, Refrigeration Fuel Tank, Hubs Running in Oil, Lubrication, Landing Gear, Refrigeration Inspection (If equipped), Liftgate (if equipped).

What's Included in the Inspection?

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Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection

Watch the magic happen

Detailed Maintenance Records Review

Enjoy your increased revenue

Driver Records Check

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Premium Products Nationwide!

We offer worldwide, industry-leading brands and comprehensive business solutions nationwide.

Should any issues be identified during our inspection, our certified technicians can promptly address and service them, ensuring your truck and/ or trailer passes with flying colors. 

Don’t compromise on safety and compliance – trust our expertise to ensure your rig meets the California and FHWA requirements.

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