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We carry a range of single-temperature units for trailers. Perfect for long haul routes and deliveries. Thermo King is an industry leader in climate control. Reach out to our team today to find the best fit for your fleet.

The Precedent S-Series: The Only Evergreen Choice

Developed to achieve Evergreen CARB and EPA emissions compliance while adding performance, the Precedent S-Series is notable for what it does not have: a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). When considering the negative impact on engine life and fuel efficiency that a DPF brings, it was clear that a DPF was not a viable solution for units that run in California. Choose the S-Series and you’ll avoid the unknowns and risks of DPFs and can rest easy knowing that you’re running the only unit available that will be compliant nationwide for as long as you own it.

Single-Temperature Units for Refrigerated Trailers

Precedent S-700

Precedent C-600

Precedent S-600

SLXi Local

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