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5 Problems Truck Drivers Deal With

truck drivers

5 Problems Truck Drivers Deal With

Truck drivers are essential to our everyday life, they deliver food, packaged goods and materials needed for everyday life. That being said, semi trucking is not an easy job, here are a few examples of daily problems that make their positions even more challenging.

Truck Problems 

Poor maintenance on your truck can lead to failing engines, faulty batteries, sensor problems, etc. Sometimes companies only worry about the tractor engine; but fail to maintain their trailer as well.  When companies don’t keep up on routine maintenance of their semi trailers, this puts the drivers at risk, leaving them to the mercy of their own vehicle while on the road. In order to prevent these problems, having your semi trailer inspected regularly will ensure the driver will have one less thing to worry about. Sonsray Fleet Services provides preventive maintenance solutions for vans, semi trailers, and trucks. Have your semi trailer and or liftgate inspected today at your nearest Sonsray Fleet Services location to ensure your next trip is safe from breakdowns with confidence.

Lack of Family Time

While earning a living, truckers need to be constantly on the road, away from friends and family. With the irregular schedules and lack of home time, truck drivers can many times feel isolated and stressed. The pressures of delivery timelines and lack of exercise can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. Truck drivers are susceptible to poor eating habits, abnormal sleeping patterns and lack of exercise, just so they can keep driving and meet their delivery schedules. That’s why driving with a partner is more beneficial for truckers.  Not only is it preferred for the social aspect of it, but it will help for better sleep schedules and overall a healthier state of mind.

Keeping a Healthy Mindset

As mentioned above trucks drivers have a lot of things to think about.  When something unexpected happens, like a breakdown or theft, it simply adds another one to their list. With the lack of sleep and an unhealthy lifestyle, truckers tend to be under constant pressure. Truckers work long hours all year, many times with unrealistic delivery goals set by the companies they were hired by.  Some truck drivers may even be in danger due to the cargo they are hauling.

Bad Drivers

From slow drivers to getting cut off by cars, truckers regularly have to deal with cars that show them no respect. This adds more problems for the truck driver, especially when every minute matters. Bad/rude civilian drivers are especially tough to deal with since it’s something a trucker can’t prevent.  Hopefully after reading this article and seeing all the hard work these essential workers do, you may rethink your actions next time you come across a truck driver!

Hazardous Road Conditions

Road and weather conditions have a big impact on truck drivers and their semi trucks.  Unfortunately, it’s hard to see what lies ahead, whether it be traffic jams, potholes, icy roads, or any other inconveniences.  Poor road conditions puts more wear and tear on your rig and without a preventive maintenance plan can result in costly repairs.  Sonsray Fleet Services specializes in trailer repair and offer Dot Bit Inspections to ensure your safety and saving you time while making your deliveries on the West Coast.  So contact the nearest Sonsray Fleet Services location in California and Nevada to get a full reefer and trailer inspection

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