Thermo King Next Generation – TE Series All-Electric Bus HVAC



Thermo King Next Generation – TE Series All Electric Bus HVAC

Reducing power consumption

  • Promote a longer bus range for better asset utilization.
  • Increased power
  • Provides up to 25 percent more capacity and efficiency than current Thermo King electric HVAC systems.
    •  Solo single variable speed horizontal compressor.
    • Better frequency range of 25Hz to 90Hz.
    • A wider capacity range, from low and high,  means consuming power only when it needs to, saving power, and increasing efficiency. This balances the HVAC to match the load of the bus.
    • Utilizing backward inclined blowers with noise suppression and an increased number of variable speed fans (from 4 to 6) allows the unit to run at lower speeds enhancing system efficiency and reducing power consumption with no loss of airflow.

Enhance Rider Comfort

  • Increased temperature control throughout the bus’s cabin for an optimal customer experience
  • Noise reduction compared to other models.
    • Battery Thermal Management System is no longer stand-alone and a part of the unit.
    • No need for additional replacement parts – a second compressor, an additional coil, and a second controller.
    • Better battery coolant temperature control.
    • Reduced refrigerant connections and reduced leak points
  • Reduced parts that need repair, better reliability
  • Reduction in parts replacement, maintenance, and service costs by eliminating additional compressor, coil, and the second controller
  • Better battery coolant temperature control


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