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Sonsray Aiding in L.A.’s Subway System

By October 12, 2023No Comments

With Los Angeles to host the 2024 Summer Olympics, L.A. County officials are seeking to accelerate construction on the Purple Line subway extension and the LAX train station.

The Metropolitan Transportation Authority has formally joined a pilot program administered by the F.T.A. (Federal Transit Administration). This would fast-track the construction of the rail connection to Los Angeles Airport. This is where our team at Sonsray comes in. We will be aiding in building the rail system by providing the heavy machinery needed to get the job done, with extensive construction taking place across most of Los Angeles. We will also provide and install 400 HVAC Systems from our Sonsray Fleet Services Location in Los Angeles. These systems will supply heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) for inside the trains. 

The Purple Line 

The Purple Line is a $ 2.3-billion dollar project that will connect Downtown L.A. to West L.A., Which would carry countless Olympic tourists to UCLA’s campus to see the various events taking place. With the push to complete this project, construction would start in Koreatown to Mid-Wilshire, then to Century City. Then, eventually, to the Department of Veterans Affairs campus in the projected future. Metro hopes to fund the final construction phase through a $1-billion federal grant and $525 million in local taxpayer revenue. Matthew Hoelscher, CEOP of Sonsray is excited to see the growth and future of this project. “As a family owned and operated company we genuinely look forward to a strong recovery during the mild recession and the impact it will have on our employees and their families.” – Matthew Hoelscher

The “People Mover”

This $ 330-million-dollar LAX project is scheduled to open sometime around 2028. Assumably, this terminal train will resemble existing U.S airport train systems. This train will run through Ground Transportation, LAX’s Car-Rental Facility, Crenshaw Line Station 96th Street, and Aviation Boulevard. Alain Grenier, VP of Sonsray Fleet Service, a Thermo King Dealership group is happy to announce the positive impacts of L.A.’s Olympic bid and accelerated fast track of two rail projects. “The People Mover will result in the retail and installation of approximately 400 HVAC systems for Sonsray Fleet Services Los Angeles location.” – Alain Grenier.